You can visit the Andreou Winery with a guide, try the excellent brands of our wine.
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Greek evenings:
There will be talented musicians and artists, that will entertain you in and out of the Gusthouse ARSINOE.
Traditional, folk and modern music Will make you feel comfortable and relaxed as well as very sentimental with the wine, music and the magnificent atmosphere.

Walking to the volcano:
Exploration activity of the natural resourses, going through the paths with volounteering teams to the crater of the volcano. Excellent experience, unbelieved view with the explosion of felings and adrenalyne makes It your priority of staying with us here.

Methana Hiking Paths:
The map of the trails and all the informative material of the tour, you can see it on the site, which is edited and constantly updated by our dear friend ILIAS RIZOS.

However, from the excellent work of dear Elias, you can learn about the history of Methana, the incomparable beauty of the peninsula, the geophysical environment.

Cooking evenings:
An integral part of the Greek mentality is "wine and dine". Initiations in the local gastronomy with pure, local products and modern or Traditional technics (wood oven). We make special meals (pies, Jam, marmelade, cakes and drinks). We use authentic recipes which we have shared from mothers to daughters. We enjoy with you all the fruit and vegetables of every season

Guide tour to the ancient sites of Methana and Troizina:
The ARSINOE outdoor activities organize one or more days outings to the countryside, the archeological sites of the whole area. Everyone can participate according to his/her tolerance and fitness. An activity to take place needs up to 4 persons to join. We pay for the outing to and from. Get your Best mood in your luggage and Come.

Yoga Massage:
Ladies who visit the ARSINOE Retreat Center will be offered yoga and massage for enjoyment and relaxation.

ARSINOE Retreat Center


ARSINOE Retreat Center

Methana Peninsula