Job Description:

ARSINOE offers U the opportunity to experience life within a vibrant island community, enjoy a variety of activities, classes and experiences, and learn and grow while serving guests and visitors in the spirit of TOGETHERNESS(-Greek Family)It is the perfect way to enjoy an extended stay on a Greek island in a nurturing, rejuvenating, and transformative environment.
However, if you are a yoga teacher, a therapist, a person of art, we will surely come together in an agreement that will equally cover both sides for spirituality, co-creation, joy, solidarity, connection to our vision, and self-improvement - self-development!

No one is left out, and you can certainly express all your ambitions and experiences with us! We always remain open-minded and human-centered!

Yoga Instructor Responsibilities:

• Conduct and lead yoga classes.
• Visually assess guests to determine their level of practice.
• Assist guests to achieve precise alignment.
• Deonstrate practice and techniques.
• Possess the ability to move energy through the body.
• Transform energy during the warm-up, build-up and cool-down stages.
• Motivate guests with words of encouragement.
• Connect with guests during the yoga classes through fun, intelligent sequencing.
• Offer training recommendations to improve the practice of yoga.
• Ability to initiate and create friendly relationships with guests & staff.

Yoga Instructor Requirements:

• Minimum of 400 hours of experience.
• CPR/First Aid certification.
• Education or experience in health and fitness is preferable.
• The art of teaching the Flow.
• Knowledge of the Chakra System, mantra and mindful meditation.
• Business and administration skills.
• Ability to work after-hours, on weekends and public holidays, as needed.


Become a member of THE ARSINOE TEAM!

Essential Skills:

• Reliability
• Ability to initiate and create friendly relationships with guests and staff.
• Ability to remain flexible in order to adapt to changing work environments/schedules
• Ability to take initiative, ownership and prioritize tasks
• Exhibit a professional and polite appearance
• You can discover our retreat center established in the most beautiful parts of the GREECE
• You’ll experience unique life moments with the guests, with whom you’ll forge bonds for life.
• You have the opportunity to learn & develop with the season, discovering new experiences and new services.
• You belong to cultural & anthropocentrism team ,which share the VALUE of being kind, open-minded & Thankful.
• Greek original culture, hospitality, and open to help fellow men

The ARSINOE offers in return:

• Accommodation.
• Breakfast/lunch.
• An extended stay in a fantastic place with breathtaking Panoramic views of the entire horizon of the gulf of Epidaurus and amazing sunsets.
• Community dining and social opportunities.
• Use of library, chill out area, kitchen.
• Wi-Fi Internet
• Training on Mediterranean recipes –cuisine.
• A truly special experience for lovers of Nature.
• Proximity to gorgeous nearby surrounds which include sailing , many beaches, hot springs, hikes, many paths, visiting the volcano ,the Devil’s Bridge, the astounding Peristeri caves(amazing)and many churches.
• Following our group hikes to discover the treasure of nature in Methana.
• Collecting local aromatic oregano, chamomile, thrombi, and many others herbs.
• Wine tasting at our local family winery, with many volcanic wines and xeric wines, from our volcanic vineyards.
• Unique location in a picturesque landscape.
• Private rocky beach, 8 minutes walking distance.
• The amazing sunset , on the deck with breathtaking view.
• You’ll experience unique moments with the guests, with whom you’ll forge bonds for life.
• You’ll have the opportunity to learn and develop with the season, discovering new experiences and new services.
• You’ll belong to cultural % anthropocentric team, which shares the value of being king, open –minded & thankful.

ARSINOE Retreat Center


ARSINOE Retreat Center


ARSINOE Retreat Center

Methana Peninsula