Methana Peninsula

About Methana

Methana is a small volcanic peninsula forgotten on the south coast of Saronic Gulf.
The steep mountains of the peninsula are crossed by dozens of ancient paths abandoned and lost for decades. However, the most important paths have been recently cleared and are accessible and safe to trek. Today (January 2024) there are 35klms of marked hiking trails. The available paths network is unified and there are dozens of possible combinations to walk such as crossings, summits and round walks. Detailed information and map can be provided on request.

The volcanoes inherited Methana the famous hot springs. The hot springs of Methana have been a blessing and a curse for this place through the cycles of prosperity and decline in the centuries. In fact the identity of today’s Methana is mostly shaped by the existence of the famous SPAs which have been popular and overwhelmed in the past.

Lately there has been no commercial activity around the hot springs. Instead, the spring hot waters flow naturally in the sea. The access is free to the public any day, anytime.

Numerous locals have included the hot baths in their daily routines, either for healing purposed or just for fun. The hot springs have visitors all year round, day and night!


The hot springs today.

Currently, there are three hot springs on the peninsula.
Two of them are located near Methana Town on the east side of the peninsula.
The third one is on the north coast near the small village of Agios Nikolaos.
Each one of them has totally different water properties and healing potentials.

Sculpture Hot Springs

Rich Sulphur hot waters, colored milk white, with distinctive (rather unpleasant) smell, pour out in the sea on the east vicinity of the impressive Spa building exactly on the entrance of Methana Town.

There is a small platform near the sea with a ladder for easy access in the water. Although this is sea water, locally the temperature is hot and easily tolerable in the winter.

This characteristic smell probably gave the name of Methane to the pininsula!
The “hot sea” area is large enough to accommodate several people.
The smell, you forget shortly after you dive in the hot waters.

The alkalic hot springs of Methana.

The alkalic hot springs are located in the vicinity on the north coast of Methana town. It is very easy to walk there from the port of Methana, just walk all the way north on the coastal road.

The spring is located in a cave under the small church of Agios Nikolaos on the other side of the road. There are impressive ruins of the ancient Roman baths which existed in this location centuries ago. Unfortunately, this area is not open for visit.

The hot water is pouring out in a small bath on the beach and it is free.
Depending on various factors, there are days with very hot water whereas other days the water is not so hot. Definitely one can enjoy the hot spring even in the coldest days of the winter.

In the bath there is space for 3-4 people, however if the bath is already occupied, better ask before your join them.

Normally stay more or less 15 minutes in the hot waters…

The famous Pausanias Baths on the north coast of Methana

The spring has been reported and is famous since Pausanias times on the 1st century bC.
Thus the name of the baths. He has written that the hot water sprang out at the same time of the volcano eruption of Kameni Hora.

Thousands of people have found piece of body and mind for thousands of years on this secret and quiet place near the sea.

The baths has gone through several periods of prosperity and decline until they finally closed for the public few decades ago when the last caretaker died at old age.

Lately the baths were revived by initiatives and funding of, local people and friends of Methana. Their fame has gone around the world by the word of mouth and you can find all year round people enjoy this special place.

Don’t keep others waiting here, spend max 15 minutes in the water unless there is nobody after you.

Pls keep this place clean.


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